Acquisitions can transform your company’s growth trajectory and set you up for long-term success. You may choose to use acquisition because your organic growth has stalled and hiring additional sales people or investing in R&D will not not help you achieve your business goals. Acquisition is fast and opens the door to many new growth options by bringing on board resources like new technological capabilities and key employees,

Capstone Vice President Matt Craft had the opportunity to speak on “Growth through Acquisitions” on the Exit Readiness Podcast with Pat Ennis. Matt explains key drivers for pursuing acquisitions and how to maximize your potential for success.

In this episode Matt and Pat discuss:

  • Why you should considering using M&A to grow your business
  • How many companies you should look at before closing a deal
  • What to look for during due diligence
  • When to get advisors involved in the M&A process
  • Determining the best direction for your company
  • How long does an acquisition typically takes
  • And more!

Listen to the episode now.

As Vice President, Matthew Craft will continue to execute strategic mergers and acquisitions for middle market companies.

Capstone, a leading management consulting firm that helps middle market companies grow through mergers and acquisitions, is pleased to announce the promotion of Matthew (Matt) Craft to Vice President.

In his new position as Vice President, Matt will expand his current role of helping clients achieve their strategic growth goals through mergers and acquisitions by applying Capstone’s proprietary Roadmap methodology. He will assist clients in clarifying their growth objectives, identifying optimum markets to enter or expand in, selecting potential external partners, and negotiating transactions.

At the same time, Matt will shoulder new responsibilities in business development for Capstone, making the firm’s services available to a broader clientele.

Matt joined Capstone in 2005, and during his 11 years at the firm has developed wide experience in helping middle market companies grow through mergers and acquisitions. He has held various positions including Marketing Coordinator, Senior Analyst and Project Manager.

In these roles, he has worked with domestic and international clients, serving both publicly held and private companies in diverse industries such as healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, chemicals and food and beverage. In addition to his client work, Matt has also facilitated workshops, presentations, and webinars for senior-level executives on the subject of acquisitions.

“We are excited to promote Matt to Vice President. He has deep knowledge of Capstone’s Roadmap to Acquisitions methodology and wide experience in working with middle market clients. He will continue to be a great asset in helping companies execute strategic growth through M&A,” said David Braun, CEO of Capstone.

Matt received his BA from the College of William and Mary, his MA from Georgetown University and his MBA from George Mason University.

About Capstone

Capstone Strategic is a management consulting firm located outside of Washington DC specializing in corporate growth strategies, primarily mergers and acquisitions for the middle market. Founded in 1995 by CEO David Braun, Capstone has facilitated over $1 billion of successful transactions in a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries. Capstone utilizes a proprietary process to provide tailored services to clients in a broad range of domestic and international markets. Learn more about Capstone at


Selecting the right market is critical to successful growth. The market should have healthy, stable demand for your products or services and be aligned with your overall growth strategy. We strongly recommend selecting a market prior to identifying acquisition targets or potential partners. Without understanding market dynamics, you may be tempted to pursue what looks like a promising opportunity, only to find that the market is in a serious decline.

So how do you go about researching, identifying, evaluating and prioritizing markets? Managing Director John Dearing and Project Manager Matt Craft share the secrets to success in “Picking Top-Notch Markets” presented at for the Virginia Economic Development Partnership Program (VEDP)’s VALET spring meeting. Watch the video presentation below:

“How often do you get involved in a situation where a company is pursuing a ‘usual suspect’? And how do you handle it?”

This question was asked after Capstone’s presentation on “How to Pick Top-Notch Markets” by Project Manager Matt Craft and Managing Director John Dearing at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s VALET spring meeting.

This is an excellent question because the situation is extremely common. A “usual suspect” is a company that easily comes to mind because you already have an existing relationship. It may be a supplier, competitor or industry partner or it may be a company owned by your CFO’s sister. Naturally, because “usual suspects” are the easiest prospects to find, many companies begin their M&A search with them.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at them, but because of your pre-existing relationship it may be difficult to remain objective. In addition, we find that many times clients are only considering one familiar company and no other options.

When studying a usual suspect, we recommend taking a step back to remain strategic and objective throughout the M&A process. Use strategic criteria to objectively assess the company. How does the company align with your strategy? Is it really a good fit? Or have you been blinded by love?

We also recommend considering at least two other companies so you have three options for the sake of comparison. Without a comparison, by default the usual suspect will be the best and only prospect. If it’s truly the best prospect, it will withstand the scrutiny of criteria and comparison to other companies. You may even find that one of the other options is actually a better fit for your company

We know it’s difficult to say “no” to the usual suspect, especially if you have your heart set on it, but remember, acquisition is a huge undertaking. You cannot afford to make a decision based on emotion or incomplete information. Consider multiple options and use strategic criteria to make the best decision about your acquisition prospects.

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Learn more by attending our webinar “How to Pick Top-Notch Markets.”  Click here to register.

Have you considered all your options for growth?

I have found that some leaders are limiting their potential for company growth because they fail to examine all the possible ways to achieve it.

Some are stuck in copycat mode, constantly mimicking the strategies of their competitors and playing catch-up. Others struggle to come up with new ideas. Even leaders of companies that are growing may be missing out on key opportunities.

Five key options to consider when it comes to company growth are organic growth, minimizing costs, external growth, exiting the market and doing nothing.

Even if you think you know which option is best, I recommend you consider them all to create a complete picture of the possibilities that lie before you. This equips you to make an informed decision about the best way to grow your company.

Capstone will be exploring the five options for growth in our upcoming webinar on December 11.

You will learn to:

  • Define the five growth options as they apply to your company
  • Understand why external growth (acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.) can be the best option for your company
  • Gauge the current state of the M&A market using relevant statistics and indicators
  • Begin to develop a step-by-step M&A process for your company

Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Learn how to best position your company for success by joining us for this foundational webinar.

Date:  Thursday, December 11, 2014
Time:  1:00 PM ET
CPE Credit available.


How do you find the best market for your product or service?

Capstone Project Manager Matt Craft answered this important question on the Market Selection Panel at the Virginia Conference on World Trade in Richmond, Virginia on October 30.

Hosted by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), this is the state’s largest international trade conference and is focused on expanding international business with participating representatives from the Middle East, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. The 250 businessmen and women who attended and heard Matt came from various industries that included engineering, manufacturing, professional services and IT.

Matt discussed how to go about selecting the right market and the importance of using tools for prioritization and good decision-making. As a critical step in following future demand, selecting the right market begins with thinking about which customers you want to reach and what markets they will be in.

Market selection isn’t always about geography, Matt explained, but could also mean deciding between vertical markets such as healthcare, retail, or industrial products. The idea is to select a market where you see a growing demand for your business’s services or products. By entering a growing market you can position your company for long-term growth.

In more than ten years as a Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) Program Partner, Capstone has advised many companies on the market selection process.

Learn more! Free special report:  “Markets First – M&A the New Way.”

Too many attempted acquisitions collapse before they are consummated. Don’t let this happen to you! Join our webinar and equip yourself to close the deal.

Did you know that $390 billion worth of deals have been withdrawn in 2014? After months of preparation these acquisitions fell apart, post letter of intent. Rather than scare you away from acquisitions, this should emphasize the importance of the final phase of the M&A process: “Building the Deal.”

This stage is particularly exciting because your months of hard work can pay off by successfully closing a deal. But, remember, there is still work to be done to make that happen.

Join us for our webinar “M&A: From LOI to Close led by Project Manager Matt Craft to ensure this last phase of your M&A process seals the deal. Learn best practices from our experienced team and drive home the acquisition.

After attending this webinar you will be able to:

  • Explain the structure of an LOI and make it beneficial to your situation
  • Describe how to manage the Due Diligence process from the viewpoints both of the buyer and the seller
  • Utilize strategies to negotiate an agreement that is beneficial to both sides
  • Identify how valuation is affected during the Due Diligence and Closing processes
  • Recognize what is expected at Closing
  • Begin to execute your Integration game plan

Date: August 21, 2014

Time: 1:00 pm ET


Don’t be caught unaware during this final phase. Be prepared to handle the challenges and carry your deal over the finish line.

Capstone Webinar: Discovering the Right Markets for Growth

David Braun, CEO of Washington, DC- based external growth consulting firm Capstone, is hosting a webinar with Capstone Senior Analyst Matt Craft.

There is a unique opportunity in the next 12-15 months to grow your business through M&A.  However, before you start to go after acquisition prospects, you need to make sure you are looking in the right markets.

David and Matt will discuss Capstone’s unique market-driven process, which centers around future demand:  What will your customers want in 5, 10 or even 15 years?  Anticipating this demand is a key to future success.

In order to determine what that demand will be requires research.  The webinar will delve into where to begin with research and how to use limited resources to get the critical information you need to make a decision.

There will also be insights on how important research into market trends is to ensuring you are targeting the best companies to acquire.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
•    Define the Market-Driven Process and why it makes sense for your company
•    Explain Market Criteria (including market growth and size, competitive dynamics and barriers to entry) and how to use  criteria them to evaluate a market or segment
•    Describe effective Secondary and Primary Market Research techniques to maximize your research resources
•    Explain the Triangulation Technique for market research to get the most relevant information to make decisions
•    Begin to develop Specific Tools to objectively compare and contrast markets

David and Matt will speak for approximately 50 minutes followed by a question-and-answer session.

Date:  Thursday, May 20, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM ET/ Noon CT/ 11:00 AM MT/ 10:00 AM PT

No Prerequisites or Advanced Preparation needed!

To register, click here:

Registration Fee: $79

IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFORMATION:  Once you register, we will send you a request for payment via PayPal (may take up to 24 hours).  Once payment is confirmed, your registration will be approved and you will receive the log-in information for the webinar.

CPE Credits – 1 CPE credit in Business Management and Organization will be given for those attending this webinar
Program Level:  Basic
Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based

Please feel free to forward this information on to anyone who might be interested in corporate growth strategies.

Refund policy: Requests for refunds must be received in writing by 1:00 PM ET Wednesday, May 19 and the money will be refunded in full within 5 business days.  After 1:00 PM ET on Wednesday, May 19, a credit will be given for a future webinar.  In the event of a cancellation, you will be given the option of of a full refund or applying your fee to a future webinar.

For questions or concerns, please contact Matt Craft, Capstone’s Marketing Coordinator, at 703-854-1910 or

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