Capstone Strategic is the meeting point of passion and process in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Founded in 1995 by CEO David Braun, Capstone meets the unique demands of mid-market companies and their corporate growth initiatives. We help clients achieve their dreams through proactive strategic growth programs and successful acquisitions. Put simply, we help companies grow.


State of Midmarket M&A Q1-Q3 2014 Update: Capstone Report

Survey Shows Steady Growth in Midmarket Mergers & Acquisitions

Capstone’s State of Midmarket M&A Q1-Q3 2014 Update indicates a steady growth in midmarket mergers and acquisitions. We surveyed midmarket executives from multiple industries to learn how the first nine months of 2014 matched expectations from 2013, and to indicate any new trends in midmarket M&A. The survey was conducted in October 2014, and follows a […]

Capstone Webinar: Keys to Integration Success

Capstone Webinar: Keys to Integration Success Thursday, September 17, 2009; 1:00 PM ET Hosted by David Braun, Capstone CEO Join Capstone CEO David Braun as he leads a webinar on how to successfully plan and execute the integration of two companies. The closing of a deal is the fruition of months — even years — […]

Healthcare 2013 Trends

Healthcare: 2013 Trends and 2014 Outlook

Strong healthcare M&A activity is predicted for 2014 as the industry faces market and regulatory changes.  Click on the infographic for a closer look at 2013 trends and 2014 predictions.

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Capstone at nacuso 2016 conference

Snapshots from the 2016 NACUSO Annual Conference

Last week Capstone Managing Director John Dearing had the opportunity to attend the 2016 NACUSO Annual Conference on April 4-7, 2016. Over 400 people attended the Las Vegas event, exchanging ideas and listening to industry experts. Conference topics included investment services, insurance services, innovation and operations, technology, member business lending, mortgage services, and business development. Erik […]

What Is Happening with Valuation Multiples Today

What Is Happening with Valuation Multiples Today?

In 2015, record valuations drove a boom in mergers and acquisitions activity, leaving many to wonder when the deal bubble would burst. In 2015, US buyout firms paid an average of 10.3 times EBITDA compared with the previous record of an average 9.7 times multiple in 2007. Despite hitting a peak, valuations are still expected […]

Survey Shows Middle Market Companies More Likely to Pursue M&A in 2016

Capstone’s survey of middle market executives shows 53% likely to pursue mergers and acquisitions in 2016 compared to 41% when last surveyed. Capstone surveyed middle market executives from multiple industries on their growth and M&A experience in 2015 and their outlook for 2016. The survey was conducted in December 2015, and followed a previous survey in 2014. […]

Capstone VALET Program Partner

Capstone Selected for Award-Winning Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) Program

For more than 10 years, Capstone has served as a Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) Program Partner. The program, run by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, helps businesses expand internationally. We are excited to continue offering our expertise in strategic planning and external growth to assist companies in realizing their international growth goals. Helping […]

What does credit union consolidation mean for CUSOs

What Does Credit Union Consolidation Mean for CUSOs?

It’s no surprise that credit union consolidation continues; it is estimated that there were 65% more mergers in 2015 than in 2000. Overall, there were about 15% fewer credit unions in 2015 than in 2011. While there are fewer players today than in previous years, the credit union market is not shrinking or in decline. […]

Memphis Business Journal David Braun Verso 2016

Verso Files for Chapter 11– What Went Wrong?

Capstone CEO David Braun’s Analysis in the Memphis Business Journal Verso Paper, after acquiring NewPage Holdings for $1.4 billion in January 2014, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Verso, which manufactures coated paper used in products like magazines, is struggling in a declining market. With its new acquisition, the company failed to realize desired economies […]

CUSO M&A: Finding the Right Partner for Growth

CUSO M&A: Finding the Right Partner for Growth

Strategic mergers and acquisitions can be a powerful tool for growing your CUSO, but much of your success depends on finding the right partner. How can you identify the right partner for growth? The best way to begin your search is to identify the ideal markets in which to grow your organization. Once you have […]

Capstone Launches New M&A U Webinar Certificate

Capstone Launches New M&A U™ Webinar Certificate

We are excited to share our expertise on strategic growth through M&A with our new M&A U™ Webinar certificate. The M&A U™ Webinar certificate will be awarded to those who attend all 12 monthly Capstone Webinars live. Each live webinar features a seasoned M&A expert sharing practical tools and tactics to accelerate your company’s growth. CPE […]

M&A in Review 2015

M&A In Review: Top Posts From 2015

2015 was the “strongest year for deal making on record,” according to Thomson Reuters.  Global deal value reached $4.7 trillion, a 42% increase from 2014, and U.S. deal value reached $2.3 billion, a 64% increase. Despite this record-breaking activity, the number of deals announced globally remained relatively flat and in the U.S., the number of deals actually decreased by 1.65% […]

Functional Due Diligence and Maintain Seller Confidentiality

How to Conduct Functional Due Diligence and Maintain Seller Confidentiality

Q: How often are you able to bring together both buyer and seller functional personnel during due diligence? Some sellers might be sensitive to confidentiality and not open to bringing their personnel into the fold. A: When conducting due diligence, we advocate a functional approach, where leaders from the buyer’s organization meet with the seller’s. There […]

How will your credit Union Grow

How Will Your Credit Union Grow?

Credit unions’ traditional use of consolidation as one way to grow is a trend likely to rise over the next five years, according to industry experts. While the percentage of these deals climbs, there actually are fewer mergers because there are fewer credit unions. There were 4% fewer credit unions in September 2015 than one […]

Narrow Comprehensive LOI

Narrow vs. Comprehensive Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent (LOI) is an important milestone on the M&A process and is used to crystallize the most important terms of the deal. While the LOI is an important legal document, it also brings a new level of commitment and resolve to the deal. The LOI can be “narrow” or “comprehensive.” Narrow LOI […]

What will happen in M&A in 2016

What will happen in M&A in Q1 2016? Dealmakers Weigh In

As we near the end of the fourth quarter, everyone is wondering what will happen in 2016. Will the frenzied M&A activity of 2015 continue into the new year? There seem to be mixed reviews on what activity will look like next year. The Intralinks deal flow predictor indicates a 7% increase in global M&A […]

Contemporary Legal Issues in M&A Webinar John McDonald

The Legal Side of M&A: What You Need to Know

Legal aspects are a critical component of any M&A transaction. Two documents come to mind in particular, the letter of intent (LOI) and the acquisition agreement. The first signals a mutual interest by both parties to continue exploring the deal, and the second is the legally binding agreement that seals the deal. The LOI is […]

M&A Update 3Q 2015

M&A Update: 3Q 2015 [Infographic]

M&A activity in the first 9 months of 2015 remained strong reaching $3.2 trillion globally. It was the strongest first 9-month period since 2007 for global mergers and acquisitions. The trend of large, mega deals continued in the third quarter of 2015.  Global deal value increased by 32% in the first 9 months of 2015 […]

Buyer vs seller deal structure agreement

Buyers vs. Sellers: Strategies for Agreeing on Deal Structure

If buyers want asset purchases and sellers want stock purchases how do the two ever come to an agreement? Leading Tax Attorney Alexander Lee of Paul Hastings, answered this question in our webinar “Tax Considerations for M&A.“ There are several factors that are important when the buyer and seller discuss deal structure. Specify Deal Structure in […]

Tax Considerations in M&A

Tax Considerations in M&A Webinar with Leading Tax Attorney

Tax implications can significantly alter how you structure a deal and even the price of your acquisition, so it’s important to understand their effect. Join us for a webinar on Tax Considerations in Mergers & Acquisitions and uncover what you need to know about taxes in M&A and gain an understanding of tax issues. Join […]

Valuation Discount Premium Multiples

What Leads to Premium or Discount When It Comes to Valuation Multiples?

As you might expect, sellers look for a premium multiple. Buyers typically will only consider paying a premium to market if they are adequately convinced that the value of the potential target justifies it. This begs the question: How does one derive a rationale for discount and premium multiples on a business? There are a […]

M&A Express Your Fast Track to External Growth

New Series of M&A Express — Starts September 23

On September 23 we will be launching the second series of M&A Express. The new series will feature the following videocasts: The Hidden Power of Minority Ownership Cultural Due Diligence Register for the complete series We are also pleased to announce previous videocasts from our first series of M&A Express are now available online whenever you wish […]

Capstone Mastering Valuation Webinar September 17

Mastering Valuation for M&A Webinar on September 17

Valuation is an important component of any M&A transaction, but it’s much more than a simple formula. There are many different aspects to consider when valuing a business for acquisition and properly valuing a business takes both experience and expertise. Learn more in our webinar on “Mastering Valuation for M&A.” The webinar will cover core […]