David Braun


David Braun is the founder and CEO of Capstone Strategic and author of Successful Acquisitions: A Proven Plan for Growth. His specialty is helping companies grow through acquisition.

Through consistent focus on this one specialty, David has built up a formidable expertise that has led to an acquisition success rate way beyond the industry average.

David Braun is a sought-after educator who has been teaching senior executives and financial professionals for over 21 years. His live seminars and online webinars are in high demand, and his blog is widely read by M&A professionals, business owners and all who wish to understand the dynamics of growth through company acquisition.


Pathways to Growth

Five Pathways to Growth

As you focus your attention on the growth of your company, there are five key pathways to consider: Grow Organically Exit the Market Be the Low-Cost Provider Do Nothing Pursue External Growth Before you even start planning an acquisition, remember there are other growth options available. It is an important realization that you do have […]

Market Criteria, Market Research

Markets First

I always emphasize to my clients the critical value of painstaking market research and selection before considering individual prospects. Simply by conducting thorough research, you immediately separate yourself from the majority of company buyers and place yourself at an important competitive advantage. Choosing Market Criteria Choosing the correct market criteria may be tricky. Here are […]

Burger King Tim Hortons Merger

Burger King – Tim Hortons Merger Is Unappetizing Deal

Burger King and Tim Hortons announced on Sunday that they would merge into a single enterprise with $22 billion in revenue and 18,000 restaurants worldwide. A new parent company headquartered in Canada would be created in what technically is a tax inversion, although tax savings are not driving the merger itself. The main strategy is […]

Recent Posts

Future Demand

Future Demand

Future demand is king for reasons that are self-evident, once you pause to think about it. Ultimately, your growth depends on your success in meeting the needs of customers you have yet to capture. What do they want today? What will they want in the future? Business winners are the ones who best answer these […]

Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future

As we begin the new year, I am reminded of the importance of looking to the future for growth. One of the tools I use at Capstone when we begin work with clients is Michael Porter’s ‘‘Five Forces’’ model for analyzing a company’s relative position in the market. It invites you to look at the pressures […]

Less is more

Less is more?

When you hear the word “grow,” you probably think of getting bigger:  having more customers, more markets, more products, or more revenue. I prefer to see growth strategy as a way to recalibrate your company, enabling you to become increasingly focused and effective. Recalibration is a continual necessity today, because economic and technological changes are […]

Seven Strategic Questions

Last week, I wrote about the importance of self-exploration. To begin your journey of self-exploration, here are seven strategic questions you may find helpful: 1)     What business are we in? 2)     What is our core competency? 3)     What are we not? 4)     Where is our pain? 5)     What are our dreams? 6)     What is our […]

Adopting a Strategic Approach

Many quite sophisticated business leaders allow themselves to drift into a purely reactive relationship to growth. They listen to whoever comes to lunch, size up whatever opportunity comes across their desk, and get caught in the lure of the deal.  There is a better way, based on a thorough understanding of your own company, and […]

A New Look at Due Diligence

Many people see due diligence as a formal process of checking documents toward the end of the acquisition process. The traditional functions of due diligence in company acquisitions have included: 1) Evaluating strengths and weaknesses 2) Uncovering liabilities 3) Renegotiating based on findings 4) Checking the boxes and filling in the blanks All of these […]

Know Thyself

Know Thyself

You’re probably reading this blog because you are ambitious for growth and are seriously considering acquisition as a way to reach your goals. External growth is exciting and it’s easy to rush into action without an adequate review of where you are coming from. This would be a mistake. Before you grow your company, you […]

From Beginning to Beginning

From Beginning to Beginning

When I am teaching M&A, I often use the phrase ‘‘from beginning to beginning.’’ I am signaling a difference from the more familiar phrase ‘‘from beginning to end,’’ which suggests that once the deal is signed, the process is over. In my experience, the end of an M&A transaction marks the beginning of a whole […]

Pathways to growth

Choosing the Right Growth Pathway

As you move from developing the strategic foundations for growth to implementing your growth plan, think about the different pathways to growth. Choosing the right pathway for growth is considered to be the heart of business. In the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)  blog, I outline some of the strategic pathways you can take for growth, […]

M&A: From LOI to Close

Join me for a webinar this Wednesday, November 28, on one of the most challenging, yet exciting parts of any deal: the journey from LOI to Close. In this webinar you will learn how to: 1. Explain the structure of an LOI and how to make it beneficial to your situation 2. Describe how to mange the […]

Price Isn't Everything

Price Isn’t Everything

Are you considering an acquisition? Remember, when it comes to buying companies, especially privately held ones, the transaction is almost never about just the price. There is always something going on that falls outside the spreadsheets. Understanding that mysterious ‘‘something’’ is what can make or break your deal. The statistics are frightening. By most reckonings, […]